Why You Need a New Website… Like NOW

February 26, 2021

The sad truth about it all is that your website probably sucks. I’m not being harsh; I’m just stating the facts. It’s estimated that 96% of websites created have never been read by anyone other than the person who created it.

So how do you make sure your website is being seen? Figure it out by evaluating your website’s effectiveness in these five areas or you may be bound to drive your site into the ground and remain the only one to ever view your subpar work.


Evaluate what your website looks like from the viewer’s eyes. The dark background looks great with the light words, right? WRONG! Never, ever use a black background with white or colored words. Keep the background simple and clean—dark words on a light background is always the safest route. The words on the page are easier to read on a light background whereas black usually distracts the viewer. There’s a good sense of professionalism with a clean and modern website.


Are your posts or photos formatted properly? The quickest way to turn me off while browsing the web is to come across a website with absolutely NO formatting. Add header images, create an easy navigation, and format your content with titles and an easy-to-read outline. For the sake of our sanity, stop using fonts like Papyrus and Comic Sans and download some unique quality fonts for your headers. If you don’t know how to do this, hire a graphic designer to revamp elements of the site for you. Here is an example of good formatting and an example of wretched formatting.


So you’ve spent all this time formatting your blog and adding design elements; now what? Spice it up with appealing content. Write legibly and in a way that will make sense to the audience you want to capture. Use SEO tips and tricks or find a company to do it for you. Add relevant photos and videos that will help bring attention and enhance your brand. And, most importantly, be consistent. Frequently post to your site so viewers know you are modern and with the times. If I’m surfing the web and someone hasn’t posted for more than six months, I consider it inactive and won’t even bother engaging with the site.

Social Media

Once your content has been created and your website is up to par, use social media to push your content! Push it on all platforms and find the ones that work best for your niche. Be unique and don’t be afraid to post something that hasn’t been done before. Social media can be a HUGE asset when generating web views. After all, you don’t want to be the only one to view your beautiful creation.

Frequently Update Your Now-Wonderful Website

Stay ahead of trends and keep your website fresh. Add social media buttons, search bars, new content and other design elements where needed. Trends in technology don’t last forever; it’s up to you to keep your site a place viewers want to go. One way to get ideas for your website is to browse your favorite brands or companies and take note of what you love and hate about their websites. But be careful not to infringe on their designer’s copyright. Find something similar and unique that works just as well for you.

Now that you have five feasible ways to evaluate and revamp your website, you should never use ineffective website solutions again! Especially Papyrus font. Seriously. Never again.