What is Inbound Marketing?

February 15, 2021

While inbound marketing does focus very heavily on creating valuable, attractive content through blogs, social media and other avenues, the practice is much more involved. Website design, custom messaging, downloadable materials and search engine optimization are just a few inbound marketing tactics that work alongside a content marketing plan.

The overall goal of inbound marketing is to increase sales. This is achieved through increasing website traffic, resulting in increased lead generation and, in turn, a higher lead-to-sale conversion rate. When approached properly, this overall goal can be easily met.

More than 90 percent of businesses report increased lead generation since the implementation of inbound marketing tactics. Over half of those reported at least a 50 percent increase in leads overall—not too shabby!

If Not Blogging, Then What?

Blogging is still crucial to increasing leads, as it is the number one method for increasing web traffic. In the realm of lead generation, however, blogging takes a backseat to media campaigns.

Media campaigns, which SEB packages neatly into the Lead Laboratory product, consist of call-to-action ads that direct users to landing pages promoting new downloadables, time-sensitive programs, etc. These types of campaigns have been proven as the number one method for increasing lead generation.

With Great Leads Comes Great Responsibility

Having a higher number of leads at your disposal is small win #2, but does not signify overall success with inbound marketing. The trick now is to nurture those leads. Care for them. Make them feel special and wanted.

The concept of “courting your leads” may feel bizarre, but it boils down to an individual’s tendency to favor decisions that involve organizations with which they feel they have a personal relationship. In lieu of candlelit dinners and walks on the beach, try email campaigns and sales collateral. Increase the number of touch-points you have with your lead via direct communication, social media, etc. Be sure to make this communication feel personal—spammy-seeming content will push your leads toward the competition in no time.

Inbound marketing is the modern way of increasing your bottom line. By working with an inbound marketing firm, you can achieve small, scalable goals that contribute to the growth of your business overall. See how SWB can assist you in achieving the small victories that win the war of success!