What Apple, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola Can Teach Us About Raising Brand Awareness

March 15, 2021

A company’s brand carries so much weight; it can make or break a business. Apple, McDonald’s and Coco-Cola are all immensely successful and a huge factor in their success has been their branding. While each company has taken a different approach to branding, they each have powerful lessons you can learn and apply to your own brand.


If Apple teaches one thing, it’s that product design should never be underestimated. You already know how powerful a logo can be, but how often have you thought about the image your product is giving off? Your product is a further representation of your brand and should like-wise be recognizable and consistent. Apple has done a great job of this. When you see an Apple product, even if you’ve never heard of or seen the specific product before, you know it’s an Apple product due to its sleek and functional design.

Lesson: Product design can be your most powerful marketing tool.


Have you ever wondered how a humble hamburger stand like McDonald’s became one of the largest and most well known companies in the world? One reason the McDonald’s franchise has been so successful is it’s uniform atmosphere, powerful logo and visible availability. The “Golden Arches” are a reliable sign that customers know to look for whether they’re familiar with the town, looking for a place to stop as they drive down the freeway or are looking for a bite to eat in an unfamiliar city, there is always a McDonald’s nearby with the same family-friendly, quick-service atmosphere that people have learned to love.

Lesson: Consistency is key to brand awareness.


Coca-Cola is a great example of raising brand awareness. Throughout past decades, the Coca-Cola brand has had a huge impact on American culture. Their classic 1930s Santa Claus campaign, the moving “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” commercial and the lovable family of Coca-Cola polar bears are all examples of how Coke took their brand to an iconic level.

Lesson: Attaching your brand to common interests or iconography catapults public awareness and perception.

From these companies we have learned that visibility and easy recognition are huge factors contributing to the success of your marketing campaign. Contacting a professional digital marketing agency can go a long way in helping you create a successful brand. Contact SWB today to receive a free Branding Audit and learn how we can help your brand today!