The Top 6 Signs Your Website Totally Sucks

February 28, 2021

In today’s technology-based world, your website essentially serves as a storefront location for your online customers. There’s a reason content marketing companies focus on getting your website’s copy and design up-to-snuff before starting on a campaign: first impressions count.

Here are 6 hints that your website may need some work:

1. Any given page takes more than 4 seconds to load

Web users are used to nearly immediate results when searching or surfing the Internet. They have little patience for blank or loading screens, and are likely to click away from a site that seems unresponsive. Every second your site takes to load is a potentially lost user.

2. Your main font is Comic Sans

The 90’s were a great time, but Comic Sans, animated widgets and cutesy divider bars have retired themselves to the land of things forgotten. Unless your website specifically sells vintage hammer pants or tamagotchis, there’s no reason for your site to give users a blast from the past.

3. Users have to scroll horizontally to take in the full page

Scrolling is going to be inevitable, but horizontal scrolling can and should be avoided. In many cases, computer users don’t have shortcuts for horizontal scrolling or may not realize your message continues off-screen. Don’t cannibalize valuable content with an improperly formatted page.

4. No efforts have been made at mobile optimization

The majority of web users don’t even use a computer as their primary means of surfing the net. Smart phones and tablets are quickly taking over as the go-to web-accessible device. Ensuring your site has been optimized for mobile viewing can help ensure you’re engaging your users on their terms.


There are very, very few reasons to use all-caps and, chances are, none of those reasons apply to you. All-caps can look spammy and overzealous.

6. You haven’t optimized your site for search engine visibility

If the terms “title tag,” “meta-description” and “image-alt tag” mean nothing to you, chances are your site isn’t effectively indexed on the web. Without proper search engine optimization (“SEO,”) web users who are specifically looking for services your company offers may not have visibility on your site.